How Positive Thoughts Can Affect Your Brain and Body

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How Positive Thoughts Can Affect Your Brain and Body

It's incredible how neurons procedure and store information and the way they form neural networks while mastering something new. Your brain relates new facts to earlier knowledge, forms new synapses in your mind. But how exactly nice and negative thought affects the development of these neurons and their synaptic junctions?

When you feel happy or optimistic, when you are proud of yourself, level of cortisol if your brain decreases. Such conditions allow your brain to produce more serotonin, also known as "feel-good hormones". If the level of serotonin is high, you are more emotionally stable and less anxious, you feel happier and calmer. It gives you the energy to be more productive and grow inside the feeling of well-being, as well as, the power of being targeted to achieve success no matter what.

Positive attitude to life has a lot of benefits, and one of them is stable mental functions. What does it give to you? When you are mentally stable and focused, your brain becomes the source of creative thinking, cognitive flexibility, and even faster processing. Positive feelings indeed widen our span of interest.

Based on behavioural studies, there are interesting differences between optimists and pessimists. According to these studies, optimists become more successful in life and achieve what they want faster than pessimists. Also, they tend to have higher physical health and more stable mental health.

This happens because when an individual has a positive attitude to everything, it allows the brain to grow synapses dynamically and as a result, learn new things faster. It boosts not only intellectual productivity but also the capability to assume and analyze incoming data. Positive people solve troubles quicker and have a critical self-talk that allows to accept themself the way they are. Learn how to hold your brain happy and get the life you want.